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What does an owner expect of you?

Every owner is different and that can make veterinary practice interesting, or challenging, sometimes both.

Understanding owners can make a consultation so much easier. If you've worked with a client for many years, they've been able to build up trust in your judgement. They know the sort of options you'll give them, and how to work with their animals. Sharing decision making is so much easier in this situation.

Compare that with being the new vet. You need to prove yourself and win over the people who would rather wait to see their usual vet.

In order to try and understand what owners want from their vet we talked to a group of owners asking them about their own perception of making decisions about veterinary care of their animals. It was good to see that Veterinary Advice was one of the top factors influencing their decisions. That they also want to know about the certainty of outcomes was interesting, suggesting that owners want information and opinions from their vets. Find out more about the study here:


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